Complete Bibliography: Amy Goldin

Amy Goldin, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, 1971 © Naomi Schiff

Early in her career, Amy Goldin wrote many single paragraph reviews for the “In the Galleries,” section of Arts Magazine.  Referred to by the magazine as a “freelance observer of the Manhattan Art Scene,” she reviewed shows of the following artists:

 May/June 1965: Cavallon, Marc Chagall, Francoise Gilot, John Goodyear, Red Grooms , Fannie Hillsmith , Dan Lutz, Roy Moyer , Marina Stern, Fernando Zobel

 September 1965: Carl Andre, Virginia Banks, Clyde Barnes, Herbert Bayer, Marc Chagall, Allan D’Arcangelo, Paul Delvaux, Rosalind Drexler,Walker Griffith Everett, Charles Henri Ford, Antonio Lopez Garcia, Antonio Giraudier, E. F. Hebner, Gene Hedge, Ralph Humphrey, Khanna, Pavel Korin, Gregory Masurovsky, Henri Michaux, Roland Peterson, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, Herman T. Rowan, Dorothy Ruddick, Richard Smith, Bob Stanley, Richard Straley, Teiji Takai, Yvonne Thomas, Jane Wilson

 November 1965: Dottie Attie, George Bireline, Jerome Blum, Robert DeNiro, Ida Kohlmeyer, Lowell Nesbitt, Kendall ShawLeon Polk Smith, Jack Youngerman

 December 1965: Ilene Astrahan, Frank Boggs, Corneille, Fromboluti, Sidney Goodman, Patrick Heron, Lisa Muller, Tetsuo Ochikubo, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Man Ray, Takeo Shiiki, Harold Stevenson,  Walter Stuempfig, Reva Urban, Ryo Watanabe, Gerald Willen

 January 1966: Richard Anuszkiewicz, Les Freres Baschet, Francisco Farreras, Norman Ives, Isadore Levy, Jules Olitski, Nam June Paik, Peter Phillips, Riopelle, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Peter Wrangell

 February 1966: Jack Beal, Elmer Bishcoff, Joan Brown, Norris Embry, Martin Maloney, George B. Nick, David Park, Dalia Ramanauskas, Michael Snow

 March 1966: Arakawa, Darby Bannard, William N. Copley, Seena Donneson, Sonia Gechtoff, Paul Georges, Raeford Liles, Cesar Manrique, Rhoda McHugh, Walter Murch, Ladislas Segy, David Seccombe, Theodoros Stamos

 April 1966: Jo Baer, Carmen Cicero, Enrico Donati, Julio Le Parc, Sven Lukins, Nicholas Marsicano, George McNeil, Felix Pasilis, Gabor Peterdi, Jo Roman, Raymond Saunders, Bryan Wilson, Yvaral

 May 1966:  Geoffrey Hendricks, Soto

 June 1966: Wassily Kandinsky, V.V. Rankine, Jennet Lam, Gloria Vanderbilt,

 September 1967: Walter Everett, Jane Wilson

Published essays by Amy Goldin:

 “Dada Legacy,” Arts, September, 1965

“Evolution in the Arts and Other Theories of Cultural History,” by Thomas Munro [book review], September 1965

“Harold Rosenberg’s Magic Circle,” Arts, November, 1965

“Requiem for a Gallery; the Green Gallery’s Rise and Demise,” Arts Magazine, January 1966

Review,  “Canvases and Careers,” by Harrison White, Arts, February, 1966

Review, “Rodin’s Cathedrals,” Arts, April, 1966

“McLuhan’s Message: Participate, enjoy! Invitation to an orgy, can we refuse to sing along with kitsch?” Arts, May, 1966

“A Note on Opticality,” Arts, May, 1966

“The Sculpture of George Sugarman: what has insides and outsides and comes in seventeen colors?  Answer: George Sugarman’s new work,”Arts, June, 1966

“Art Patronage Under Communism:  Yugoslavia,” Art in America, March, 1967

“Art in a Hairshirt,” Art News, February, 1967

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George Sugarman: Plastiken, Collagen, Zeichnungen

Kunstalle Basel, Städtisches Museum, Leverkusen, Haus Am Waldsee, Berlin, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1970

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