Max Kozloff

Max Kozloff wrote the art column for The Nation in the 1960s, was New York Editor for Art International 1962-64, and became Executive Editor of Artforum, 1974-1976. Since the late 70s, he has been active as a photographer and writer on photography. Kozloff has written numerous  monographs and essays on modern art, cubism, futurism and photography. His titles include Jasper Johns (Abrams, 1972),  New York: Capital of Photography  (The Jewish Museum and Yale University Press, 2002), New Yorkers as Seen by Magnum Photographers (PowerHouse Books, 2003), The Theatre of the Face: Portrait Photography Since 1900 (Phaidon, 2007) ,  and, most recently, Vermeer: A Study (Contrasto, 2011).

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