In her own words…

“In many ways I am the first victim of my critical nature. I don’t think that critical equals ‘hostile’ but it does transform enthusiasm into something else, the intellectual complement of irony, saying yes and no simultaneously…. There are times when any criticism is useful and times when it isn’t: One should know for oneself when the times are — I count on that in others. But for myself, I feel helpless, being unable to turn it off.”  — Amy Goldin

 Bold. Brash. Unfiltered. Just a few samples of Amy Goldin’s voice:

Amy Goldin, taken from Morris Louis: Thinking the Unwordable,” Art News, April 1968

Amy Goldin, taken from  The Sculpture of George Sugarman,” Arts Magazine, June 1966

Written by Amy Goldin in 1972, this an excerpt from the short essay entitled Rugs which was never published.

Amy Goldin, taken from The Esthetic Ghetto: Some Thoughts about Public Art,” Art in America, May/June 1974